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    Do you shop savvy?

    Thought this would be interesting.

    The question is do you shop savvy and try and buy things used or are you the one who has to have it now and get it new?

    Things like clothes and food do not count, lets just discuss tangible property like electronics, computers, cars, furniture, paintings, etc.

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    Voted yes

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    I always want new things. I never go for used things, otherwise they should be the used things of my great heroes like Sachin Tendulkar

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    I gotta have everything new, I'm a shopping freak. Over 50 pairs of shoes right outside my room, I'm worse than girls that I know o_O But then again, I use to be a part time DJ and we always gotta look good at the club for the ladies
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    I would never buy any electronic item that is used because most of the time people sell it becoz of some malfunctioning at their end. However, I'll be ok to buy used cars or books.
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    New is what I look for, but occasionally, if there is a good deal in it, I'm not exactly opposed to pre-owned items.
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    I buy used games, just the same as new but cheaper.
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    "just the same as new but cheaper."

    Exactly how I see it, you go down to Target and buy a dvd for $20, once you open that dvd it is now used. You could have paid $8 for it at a used book store or movie rental place and use that extra $12 you spent on another movie + a coffee.

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