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    * Server requirement for 2k store owners with 500k products

    If I have a PHP multi-stores shopping website, pls let me know suitable Server requirement for 2k store owners with 500k products.

    I mean ram, processor and so on. Any specified hosting required?

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    Hey, it really depends on the number of clients purchasing at a time or the traffic to the site. PHP takes a lot of processing power when it comes to shared hosting where you're one of 400 sites on the same machine.

    With shared dedicated they usually limit it to 10-20 sites like 1&1 does. You can also get a dedicated server which is about $100-$200 a month where you get the entire machine.

    The risk for high ticket items is that you'll lose a customer who orders on your shared $4 a month hosting and gives up when there's timeouts.

    I'd recommend 1&1 for reliability. We've tried Mustang which is a reseller for Godaddy and the timeouts were insane which led to a loss of sales. If it's really high end, get yourself your own server to make sure no customer ever will bail because some other shared site is hogging all the processor time and holding up their order.
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