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    Looking for reliable VPS for mobile & web

    I am starting to get into developing mobile apps using the sencha touch framewrok. My apps are written in javascript and the content on them is dynamic so every time a user taps a tab it pings the server to load json data using php and mysql. I also have a fairly big website that runs IPB about 10,000 hits a day.

    I still have yet to publish apps but I am expecting (from other sales) that I could be getting 1,000s of users a day and could peak up to something very very high if the apps were to sell a lot.

    I am looking for a VPS provider that I can scale up when my apps are being heavily used and then back down when I don't need the resources. Provider also needs to be very reliable as I can not afford to get a bad review. I do not require cpanel or any other GUI platform but would be nice. I do require at least 10GB of space.

    Right now I am looking for something very basic as I am not using very much resources at all. Probably something around $30.

    Here are the hosts I am thinking about: - seam to be reliable but not as cheap as dotblock - Unsure - Very good prices but how reliable are they? - I may like this option the best but I am unsure how good their uptime is

    Also, if you have any other hosting suggestions please let me know.

    Thanks for your help

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    Do you have a specific location in mind? Do you need your VPS managed or unmanaged?

    - Daniel

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    I would probably get the most sales in the US so maybe central like dallas or something. I am not quite sure yet on the managed/unmannaged part as I have never worked with a VPS before but its never a bad time to learn. So I may try and get unmanaged to see if I can get that working and if not then switch to managed.

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