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    SSL Secure and non-secure elements

    HI I have a problem with my site I have a SSL installed but when I access trough the https:// it says that I have secure and non-secure elements, reading in internet I found that it can be because of the images and flash elements but I have tried to put the complete URL with https:// and http:// with the images and get the same error, so I want to know if anyone knows a tool to see the non-secure elements and that way I can change it or a tutorial of how to make the site work with the SSL and the elements.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can try using Pingdom tools. It'll show a waterfall of all the elements loaded from your site along with URL so you can easily spot what's non-secured.

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    Make sure your style sheet links to images are also secured with https://

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    Try - It'll show you what's insecure on a page.

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    Hey thanks for your help that site is very helpful @JohnCrowley

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