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    * Disable Copy action?


    I use windows server 2008 standard, and I have 5 users connecting via terminal services.

    I want to disable copy action. I want every thing stays in my windows and I don't want them to copy files into their desktop. Is that possible?

    Here is my porblem, They use my license in a program and the password stays in the map called setting.xml They must have read and write access to this map for program to work probably.

    I use a program to hide this file but if they copy the whole map to their computer the setting.xml file follows with and then They can used it from home computer.

    Is there any way to work around this?

    Thank you for help.
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    You can disable redirection for the client's computer drives in the Client Settings of the RDP-TCP Properties on the server. But this is s global setting and cannot be set per user.

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    Thank you, I lost my problem.

    I had to go to terminal services and setting it up from there.

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