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    upload speed problem

    i have (or suppose to have) 1Gbps dedicated line.
    currently my max upload speed is around 350Mbit/s.
    i talked to the support team, they basically blame my hardware (i/o too slow, not enough ram, etc..).
    anyway, they provided me another server for testing (same hardware but with 16GB RAM instead of 8GB RAM), i did a test:

    1. i downloaded 10GB file to my main server (
    2. i installed vsftpd on the test server.
    3. i downloaded from test server to my main server - max speed was 791.55 Mbit/s (upload speed of test server).
    4. i downloaded from my main server to test server - max speed was 617.24 Mbit/s (upload speed of main server).

    BOTH servers are:

    • in the same data center - the average ping is 0.567ms.
      --- 31.**.**.100 ping statistics ---
      34 packets transmitted, 34 received, 0% packet loss, time 33000ms
      rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.221/0.567/2.327/0.472 ms
    • same cpu (Xeon X3440)
    • same HDD setup (2x1TB - Software RAID 0)

    the only change is that in the test server they installed (in my request) 16GB RAM instead of 8GB RAM.

    vnstat -l from main server
    rx | tx
    bytes 8.22 GiB | 13.96 GiB
    max 791.55 Mbit/s | 617.24 Mbit/s
    average 155.92 Mbit/s | 264.97 Mbit/s
    min 84 kbit/s | 64 kbit/s
    packets 9683955 | 12756554
    max 73324 p/s | 52136 p/s
    average 21909 p/s | 28860 p/s
    min 149 p/s | 124 p/s
    time 7.37 minutes
    the testing performed when both servers was idle (only ftp servers running, test server with vsftpd, main server with proftpd) - all other services like mysql, apache, etc.. were closed!

    so what do you think? this is hardware problem? network problem? maybe another problem?

    btw, feel free to download the test file from the test server by yourself: ftp://test:[email protected]/10Gio.dat


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    You can't always expect 1gbit full speed, if you do multiple threads, you will probably hit the full 1gbit. Nothing is wrong here IMO.

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    i tried now with multi-thread (3 threads) without shutting down all services (can't afford another downtime).

    i can push 900Mbit/s - an average of 400Mbit/s (download from main to test).
    and push 900-1000Mbit/s - stable (download from test to main).

    so i can't detect any problem with my download speed (even if the server isn't idle), but only upload speed.

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