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    Need "This site may harm your computer" error in google search fixed

    When searching for my site in google, everyone gets this error:

    This site may harm your computer.

    Can anyone help me fix this.

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    You need to search whether you have any vulnerable iframes or other vulnerable files in your domain. If so you need to remove them and sumbit a verification request to google webmaster tools.
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    ok well willing to pay someone to assist with this. let me know.

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    look for the history of the ip, check the ip in google to see if it was blacklisted somewhere.
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    Hi, I don't know anything about this stuff, I am a lawyer not a if someone can assist, I am willing to pay something reasonable, also to make sure this does not happen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fjiwa View Post
    When searching for my site in google, everyone gets this error:

    This site may harm your computer.

    Can anyone help me fix this.
    SSH Command:
    grep USERNAME /var/log/messages
    You can check who is upload this to your server..

    First change your account username/password, email,etc password then use online site scanner and try to remove code from your files.

    I think your site was infected by eval virus or iFrame code.

    Tips: Always use SFTP and also Install antivirus/malware scanner on your Local PC.
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    Solved this issue, 2 times.
    Here is the way >
    Login to google webmaster tool, add your website, do verification.
    Then Diagnostics
    Then Malware

    Google will show you vulnerable page. Open that page and remove malicious code.
    Wait for google to crawl
    Thats it !!
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    Sent you an email please check. Willing to fix this issue. If you didn't get my email, just send me one <[email protected]>.
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    You can browse your site with replace the tail part with your domain name. Once you find this, if you don't have a google webmaster account create one and add your site there and check for Malware. Remove the malware from your website can ask google to verify it. Once google verifies it, and finds that there is no malware. It will not display any such site harm message within google.

    I hope this helps.
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    I still need help with this. I did the google verification but don't see anything in the diagnostics.

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