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    we would offer SSD disk on shared hosting to speed up Mysql, we use H700 controller on Dell PE R310 and R510, we would add the Intel X25-V any problem with it on dell server with H700?

    Any good ssd alternative to Intel X25-V ?


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    Isn't the H700 controller locked so that you can only use specific drives/firmware that are certified for dell?

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    no it isnt locked anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by adapter View Post
    Any good ssd alternative to Intel X25-V ?
    You can look at the Intel 320. It replaces the X25-M, and it has reliability features that make it more suitable for a server.
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    x25-e if your mysql is busy on writes.

    The SAS 6IR does a lot better performance wise than the caching controllers with our environment for some reason. We've done testing with ssd in both and the 6ir seems to win.

    Anyway, yep it will work!
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    We've got about 40+ ocz vertex 2's in r610's on perc 6i's. They're in r0 with no failures and great results. We've also got a handful each of x25-m g2's, x25-v's and x25-e's.

    We split root (os, program files) onto sata r1 arrays. Then put /home, mysql, email, cache, etc.. on the vertex 2's. It works great for us. The x25-e's are in transactional databases that get thrashed hard. We progressed from x25-v's, x25-m g2's to the ocz vertex 2's and currently that's what we're using.

    Not a single ssd failure in the last 2 years (knock on wood).
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