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    CMS or HTML/PHP for your compan main site?

    Hi, I wonder how many of you used CMS (WP, JOOMLA, DRUPAL or others) or HTML.

    Which is the best? I find HTML very fast and easy to code and design. I was thinking of wordpress now.

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    You have to ask yourself, does your site have a lot of content that you can actually benefit from a dynamically driven backend, rather than static HTML?

    In terms of ease, for example you stating you find HTML is easy to code, a CMS is not a replacement for HTML so that's not directly comparable. To create a design with WP as the backend, you still have to write out the HTML/CSS, then cut up the code to fit WP. This step isn't bypassed because you're using WP. It's an extra step.

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    Thanks. I would like to see some examples of comapany using wordpress.

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    We use Wordpress for our design site ( and I'm currently developing a couple other sites for similar purposes that will also be in Wordpress.

    While I've recommended Joomla in the past, I've found Wordpress to be very powerful and easy to develop with.

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    I've seen more and more companies use WP for their sites. It's easy to use, and it's very SEO friendly. So if SEO is important to you i'd suggest you use WP.

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    I am web developer. I work with diffent CMS and shopping carts (Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, osCommerce, VirtueMart and HikaShop(Joomla eCommerce extensions), TomatoCart). I want to say if you are going to use CMS you need to know php, even if you are going to use WordPress. I prefer CMS websites, because it give more features for their owners.

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    I think the choice between each of the platforms is personal preference. For a CMS site, we use Joomla. Our clients have enjoyed using them considerably.

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    Ofcourse HTML !!!
    but with HTML it maybe more complicated compare to CMS.
    but HTML is the most friendly to Google Search Engine that it may easy recognise by Google.

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