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    Review: EuroVPS - 5 years later...


    i can't believe 5 years have gone yet... i admit i spend most of my time on WHT reading other's posts, and gave no contribution. So it's time for my review, since all started here on WHM... i was hunting for vps reviews and offers here @ WHT, and found an interesting thread:

    EuroVPS GONE WILD!! ...

    I red everything was posted about EuroVPS on WHT, and was convinced. I had no reasons to miss this chance, and i trusted so much the WHT community that i went for the annual prepaid plan.

    I have too much to say but the more i say, the more mistake i am going to write with my bad english :-)

    What is interesting - and worth to say in my opinion, is the "feeling" i had over eurovps during the years. During the years, it went from "cool" to "cold". In the last month, i tought there was a drop in my happiness. I found the services more pricey compared to the market's trend. I found the offering "old", when everyone was going "cloud". I was fascinated by some very popular "VPS-dot-something" sauce, a-la-carte offerings. Hosting was evolving, but EuroVPS was always the same.

    So i decided to go elsewhere. I signed up @ 2 different, very popular, very scalable VPS and cloud offerings, much cheaper and with very good premises. I set up 2 test environment, with popular cms on them and a spare domain pointed on them.

    The first server/website, in the cloud, went down often. I am 100% sure that was my fault, i just created it from the image provided and did nothing to optimize it. I opened a ticket and they said management was (of course) not included, so i had to pay the support (around $100 monthly). Okay, i knew it was unmanaged, while i was a bit surprised that server creashed so often with the basic, offered LAMP image.

    Then i tested the second VPS. A Very popular vps provider, much cheaper than eurovps, with nodes in London, Amsterdam etc. Management was only $5 additional monthly. Cool! Everything went smooth, apart from the superficiality of the support's staff when replying to my tickets. But since i only need hosting for my CMS, i didn't care about that and enjoyed the money saved. My first month went quite good, so i signed up for a second, more powerful VPS, moved my CMS on this one, and cancelled the previous one. I was very clear about which server to cancel, by following their procedure, and writing down server name / ip / subscription number / expiry date. I even put the server down before the cancellation.

    They cancelled the wrong one. The one which was up and running! I promptly opened an emergency ticket, and they fixed the mistake with no additional sorry or explanation.

    I know this is supposed to be a review of EuroVPS and not a comparison with other providers. But this introduction was needed to explain why, as i stated in the beinning, EuroVPS went from "cool" to "cold" for me: just because i got *used* to them over the years. I had all my server @ EuroVPS, so i do not expect my provider to make mistakes cancelling my servers, or providing 30 different images which are not optimized as providing a few one that they tune up from years. I know exactly what expensive hardware EuroVPS uses for my servers, while it is always hard to get the same specs from other VPS providers. Latency is very low, overall performance very good, my tickets were always cared, promptly, night and day.

    So, after having spent a couple of months imaging a new provider for me, i realized that this 5 years have gone so fast because i simply had no troubles. I'll stay with them as long as they remain the same.

    Drawbacks: they have to improve their accounting dept. Every year @ renewal date, i got billed for the full amount instead that the promo price. And every year i have to email sales, open tickets, and show the "proof" of my promo package. Can't they simply write down a note in my account? :-)
    I also had to bump after-sales tickets to buy addon services. Addons aren't served "a-la-carte" with a cart-system and detailed info. You have to get in touch with sales and ask for details, terms, price and order manually. I think this is sales 1.0... but i stay with them for their technical skills, not their sales skills.

    At the end, i learned that happiness in hosting for me is having no troubles. This is what i must look, ask and pay for.

    I am available to answer any question about my experience @ eurovps, so i take this chance to give my contribution to this great community.


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    wew... 5 years review, it must be a legit review. Thank you.

    But, would you like to give me their url ?
    i mean is it with .net, .com , .org ?
    please cmiiw always

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    Hi, it is

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    Hi , I'm glad that you are happy with them and I thank you for taking time to post a review , would you post your site URL for confirmation , please ?

    I was considering Eurovps to my new windows vps ( hopefully soon!) but they are using Virtuozzo 4.5 not hyper-v or Xen which is not a good point.

    and also their online chat support is not available 24/7 a week , I contacted them 4 days ago and I left a message and no response till now!!.

    Otherwise they have decent Vps specifications,configuration,price..etc and good reputation as well.

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    Hi Vito,

    WOW! Excellent review. Thorough and honest - all in the true spirit of what we like here at WHT. Just for verification purposes, could you please post your domain?

    By the way, have you ever considered a DC outside of Europe?
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    wow 5 years its such a long time

    thanks for providing the great review

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    Amazing! 5 years is not a small period of time. If you are true then this is a great review but post your url to moderators for verification here
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    i will be posting my url as soon as i reach my 5th post!!

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    i am happy you have appreciated my review.

    Here is one of my website hosted on server:

    ByteMaster, i considered hosting out of EU since it is cheaper, but i have most of my sites in italian, so i enjoy my 40-60 ms latency for my 80% european traffic.

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    Thanks for the kind words, Vito. to 5 years. We appreciate your continued support.
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