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Thread: Adding SSL?

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    Adding SSL?

    I am really confused after reading many docs online.

    I am on Centos/WHM/CPanel.

    What i want is to be able to connect to my host with the browser via SSL.

    I understand that the Cpanel connection to port 2087 uses already SSL....but if i connect to my server on standard SSL port 443 i cannot.

    What do i need to do so i can https:// to my host (NOT cpanel) without getting an error in the browser?

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    In order to visit your own website using SSL, you need an SSL certificate setup on your server for your domain. You should contact your host as they should be able to help you do this.
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    Yes i basically know this, but this doesn't help me.

    Q1: I obviously already have a cert, otherwise i wouldn't be able to connect to Cpanel using SSH?

    There are are a number of docs out there explaining how to generate/make a cert...but it still doesnt answer whether this is already enough or whether i need to edit anything in Apache config eg. a new vhost entry. Or maybe i ONLY need a new vhost entry since i already have some cert..etc..?

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