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    PPTPD on OpenVZ VPS


    Is it possible to make use of PPTPD on an OpenVZ VPS? So that I can use it for VPN? Or is this only available for Xen PV and Xen HVM?


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    With xen you can run anything you are pleased, but with openvz you need to ask a provider if there kernel supports it, overall there is no problem running it on openvz VPS.
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    you need request from provider to enable it

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    Your provider needs to load tun/tap module. - Fast, Quality and Secure MANAGED VPS with fast SSD drives in h/w RAID10
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    Enable tun and tap module and find setup guide for it specific for vpses

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    Quote Originally Posted by SceneSRV View Post
    Your provider needs to load tun/tap module.
    Quote Originally Posted by cripperz View Post
    Enable tun and tap module and find setup guide for it specific for vpses

    ....for PPTPd?

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