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    BurstNET does not cancel invoices...


    I am a reseller ... Often, invoices are not automatically canceled if you cancel services. I do everything at the dates specified in the rules.

    Already 4 days hanging ticket to cancel invoices, and no one even responds...

    Ticket ID: 2730854 (Created: 06-12-2011 - 05:16AM)

    Previously, these tickets were treated during the day...
    Threatened to block the account in his letters...
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    Do they auto charge any money from your paypal? If that's the case, then you have to cancel the pp subscription.

    If they don't then you have to talk to BurstNET about it. You'll have to wait until they sort it out.
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    why dont you call them and ask for the update ? take as a ticket no as reference
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    Moderator, please delete this topic.. please..
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    That's actually a WHMCS issue that's being resolved with the next release.
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    Now everything is fine...
    Call, the problem immediately decided!
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