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    NEW!! Plesk 10 Clustered Windows 2008 Reseller Hosting @ Just 849/mo

    **Start Your Own Web Hosting Company with Znetindia** Offering Fully Private Label Hosting for serious hosting professionals. Get Windows 2008 Reseller Hosting with Advance Plesk Control Panel.

    Take a Tour of Parallel Plesk Advance Control Panel

    Looking for any explanation. Please contact [email protected]

    Reseller Hosting Features
    • Fully Private Label Hosting
    • Domain Reseller Account
    • Custom DNS Nameserver
    • Plesk Control Panel
    • 99.9% Uptime & Clustered Cloud Environment
    • Dual 5620 Nehalem Servers
    • RAID-1 protected hard disk space
    • Awstats & More

    Reseller Hosting Packages
    Starter Reseller Hosting- Order Now!
    25 GB Webspace
    Prices for different duration
    • Tri-Annually (3 yrs) @ Rs.849/month
    • Bi-Annually (2 yrs) @ Rs.899/month
    • Annually (1 yr) @ Rs.949/month
    • Half Yearly (6 mths) @ Rs.999/month
    • Quartely (3 mths) @ Rs.999/month

    Reseller Hosting Packages
    Silver Reseller Hosting- Order Now!
    50 GB Webspace
    Prices for different duration
    • Tri-Annually (3 yrs) @ Rs.1189/month
    • Bi-Annually (2 yrs) @ Rs.1259/month
    • Annually (1 yr) @ Rs.1329/month
    • Half Yearly (6 mths) @ Rs.1399/month
    • Quartely (3 mths) @ Rs.1399/month

    Gold Reseller Hosting- Order Now!
    100 GB Webspace
    Prices for different duration
    • Tri-Annually (3 yrs) @ Rs.2039/month
    • Bi-Annually (2 yrs) @ Rs.2159/month
    • Annually (1 yr) @ Rs.2279/month
    • Half Yearly (6 mths) @ Rs.2399/month
    • Quartely (3 mths) @ Rs.2399/month

    Platinum Reseller Hosting- Order Now!
    200 GB Webspace
    Prices for different duration
    • Tri-Annually (3 yrs) @ Rs.3569/month
    • Bi-Annually (2 yrs) @ Rs.3779/month
    • Annually (1 yr) @ Rs.3989/month
    • Half Yearly (6 mths) @ Rs.4199/month
    • Quartely (3 mths) @ Rs.4199/month

    ZNet Guarantee
    • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee – Hassle Free
    • 99.9% Uptime & Clustered Cloud Environment
    • Speedy response time

    Why ZNet?
    24 x 7 x 365 Non Outsourced Support
    You are never at risk because we mitigate your risk by giving you 24x7x365 non outsourced support available through live chat, email and call.

    Impressive Associations
    ZNet has been awarded Windows 2008 Web Hosting Award along with a word of appreciation by Microsoft. We are also a Microsoft Certified Partner & Microsoft Virtualization Partner. ZNet stands at number one position in Server Virtualization solutions based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Technology. We have strategic alliances with Microsoft, DotNetPanel, SmarterTools and Softlayer with state-of-art Data Centers in Washington, Seattle, Dallas and Hyderabad.

    Highly secured server
    Want to know how we secure our servers? We employ various methods, tools, reporting structure to secure our servers. Have a look at some highlighted points:
    • Our highly expertise technical team monitors server on 24x7x365 basis.
    • Using Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x Edition, which is highly stable, robust and Secure OS as running on Server Side.
    • Using cPanel-WHM, a robust and stable control panel running from more than 10 years in hosting environment.
    • Latest Antivirus, Malware, Rootkits Scanning Tools to prevent hacking attempts
    • Latest OS version with update and Patches to minimize bugs and more security
    • Industry Branded Server Hardware like IBM, Dell OR HP Blade Server for Hardware Redundancy.
    • Dual Network Cards [RAIN], Hardware RAID to minimize latency and high rate data transfer.
    • Employing Licensed and Renowned Industry Softwares that are needed for server.
    • We are using Scripts and Tools for monitoring Daily Report, Backup Status, Server Load and Hacking activities.
    • Employ Log Server to maintain logs of all servers
    • Daily server monitoring & health check

    Disaster Recovery
    We keep our server alive in every situation. Yes in every situation!!

    • We maintain Backup on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Basis.
    • We maintain Backup on Local as well as Remote Server.
    • We maintain Additional Server with OS and Software Ready to reduce the downtime.

    No Overload Servers

    We understand the amount of load a particular server can take and design systems according to that. We can maximize the load but we believe in keeping it an optimum level to serve our clientele in a better way.

    No Hidden Fees
    What is there on the site, you will get the exact same. No Buzzword…No Gimmicks…No Misleading Information and No Trendy Offers. We keep things simple and clear. We offer various plans with different offerings to serve your needs. So you just need to buy higher plans if you want more. All the features and services provided by a particular plan are clearly stated and do provided by ZNet.

    Technology Competence
    We believe in achieving nothing less than perfection. Employing the latest technologies to deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio is what we excel at. Our strong R&D will keep you updated about the technological developments.

    Currently using technology like Parallel’s Virtuozzo and Cloudlinux – Lightweight Virtual Environments (LVE).

    99.9% Uptime & Clustered Cloud Environment
    We are providing 99.9% uptime using HA (High Availability) or Fail over environment. We always use RAID technology with our server to prevent data loss or any downtime.

    Best In-House Support Team
    ZNet knows the problems you face and the proper resolution for the same. We know how frustrating it is to keep waiting for the reply for your critical queries. You need it at the moment without any delay and ZNet provides you 24/7/365 support with a response time of 20 minutes. You just need to submit a ticket at [email protected]s e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our support people will contact you in the very next moment. You can forget your problem as it will be ours after your ticket.

    45-Day Money Back Guarantee – Hassle Free
    Well, you will never ask for refund as ZNet is referred by 95% of its clients. But if you are ever dissatisfied with our service, we offer a 100% money-back till 45th Day.

    [email protected]
    1-800-102-9638 (India - Toll Free)
    Live Chat
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