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    my problems on

    my problems on mochahost:
    i rented host resseler espresso but :

    1-they support is weak they answere tickets every few hourse ans answere not carefully same as: i ticket they to transfer all my accounts from server with ip user=root and pass=.... they after 3 hourse reply : please send info user pass !!!! i replyed i putted on top after 1 hourse they replyed you need all account or some i replyed all

    2-on the resseler plans they write espresso plan is unlimitted on creat site but after login i see 1 of 50 (i can make 50) when i ticket to billing no answere reccieved but they closed ticket as completed !!!!!

    3-onthe whm on create account the custom options to make own bw space email for account is disabled i ticket to support but not response and they closed my ticket

    4-THEY HOST MY RESSELR ON THE VPS ---how i can sell host when the logo vps is on the top of each host account cpanel ?
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    i ticket this but not responced by mochahost

    5-the person online on chat not do anything just it is ready to offer plans and price. when i asked him her he make ticket ok we can create ticket by own
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    Well I have to say, anytime you run into a provider that is overselling by claiming to offer unlimited disk-space or bandwidth, your bound to run into some type of trouble. On a side note, WHM VPS Optimized logo your are seeing is a default skin for WHM/Cpanel. You can change it by logging into WHM (under branding).
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    Maybe it's time you find yourself a reputable provider and leave mochahost.
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    This is the second negative words I read about MochaHost. Shame, I was actually considering them for a VPS as-well.

    Thanks for sharing it helps me make my decision!


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    i used 2 years they realy have good servers 99.5% uptime and in the 2 years when i go to live support chat or ticket realy they answered me as well. they has 30 day free trial on vps and resseler.

    befor i have more important sites i decide to compare site5 with others therefor i sell resseler espreto from mochahost to test.
    i rent 1 month dedicate from phonixnap 100% uptime made me glade

    dear... i worked few years from whm dedicate vmvare im familiar to make own logo to top of cpanel but i sayed when you selled resseler as company you make i on the VPS ?

    im 5 day on the mochahost points :
    phonix 96 of 100
    site5 resseler service and support 95%
    mochahost service 70 %

    maybe in next days mocha host show me more benefits but in this 5 days i cant see anything

    when i asked mochahost to migrate i forced to leav dedicate to 1 or 2 days. but they migration or whm is not ready in 5 days. therefor i rent site5 resseler as well as i needed.

    find the best support needs some lost money and Time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boorsekala View Post
    2-on the resseler plans they write espresso plan is unlimitted on creat site but after login i see 1 of 50 (i can make 50) when i ticket to billing no answere reccieved but they closed ticket as completed !!!!!
    Hidden limit somewhere?
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    Mochahost is not as good really. Their support is also too slow.

    Any good suggestions for windows reseller? I have around 15 small clients on H-Sphere. I need a control panel that is supported by whmcs. budget is around 17 a month.

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    (It totally depends on what kind of VPS is it, remember they are virtual machines and only that term says nothing about better or worse performance, some providers prefer to use this option to save money in software licensing, others are on cloud (or any other special) platforms, so you really need more details before blaming them regarding their machines )
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    To report about what is currently going on with mochahost. They lost everything on the server and were unable to retrieve it. This means that many customers will lose their entire website. I don't know how many people will be affected by that. Anyone has any idea what i should do. For sure, I will change the provider, but just want to see what else I could do.

    here is the message i receive from them tonight.

    ==============message begins=======================

    Dear Client,

    We apologize for the delay in getting back to you in regards to the server
    issue which have occurred earlier last week. Our technicians were working
    hard on trying to recover the server to the state in which it was before the
    server issue. Unfortunately after several unsuccessful attempts for us to
    recover the server we had to rebuild the server from scratch and re-create
    your actual web account on the server from scratch. We were able to
    determine the root of the issue which relays in the actual storage
    controller and which have impacted the remote storage software we use for
    connections of our servers. Both of these issues are being documented by our
    senior engineers and will be sent to our storage controller vendor and
    remote storage software vendor for further investigation and to make sure
    that this issue never occurs in the future. Due to this very unusual and
    unpredictable behavior which was not detected by any of our monitoring
    systems we had to rebuild the server from scratch since none of the existing
    data on the server or on the backup server was accessible. Unfortuantely you
    will need to re-deploy your site and site files again to your site account
    since the available backup of your sites was also corrupted due to the
    storage controller/remote storage software behavior which lead to corrupted

    We will issue a 1 month free credit to all customers impacted by this issue.
    We are once again very sorry about the series of events and appreciate your
    understand and business!

    ========message ends===============

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    the mochahost support is 1/100
    when you asked they response after 3 hourse same: what is security question
    and we reply after 30 secs but they read our reply after 2 hourse and .... i rented from they are wery clean and rapid .

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