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    looking for stock market like software to host.

    I need it for a personal project...something very simple which would show raises/drops in prices with nice graphs ect... Anything like this exists?

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    Are you looking for the web host where you will be able to store your exe files?
    In this case I suppose you will need small VPS or so called file hosting?

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    lol i fail at explaining myself.
    I need like a stock market type thing i can host, where i may enter prices, show them in charts, price changes ect....

    kind of like has with the up and down arrows.

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    What you mean is - you need an online application / program, which will show you trending / positions based on your input prices .. I'm sure there are loads of applications which exist (closed source), but a good place to look for opensource is sourceforge.
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    Google search your keywords, there are plenty softwares available. We are not sure what your project is, wondered, how to recommend?

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