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    Is Twitter Social Networking site or Social Bookmarking Site?

    Hi Friends,
    A big doubt friend, recently i've searched for top social bookmarking sites. I know and i've keen idea about what is social bookmarking and networking.
    But, when i visit it
    I just confused to see twitter in the first place among many top social bookmarking sites. Can you please clear.
    From my view, Twitter is a social networking site or micro blogging site. I don't think it is a social bookmarking site.
    I want you to clear me, whether they were wrongly listed or i've wrongly understood.
    If i'm wrong, how twitter is a social bookmarking site, Reason?
    Advance Thanks mates. Looking for your replies.
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    Twitter is primarily a microblogging site . But it provides also provides a platform for Social networking and Social bookmarking.
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    its just users share links on twitter. So its not a full fledged Social bookmark site .
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    Social Networking site for sure....
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    Bookmarking site

    I feel it is a bookmarking site.. you can create a network or group there..
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    actually the gap between a social network and a social bookmarking site has become narrower.
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    I think it is social bookmarking. We are allowed to write 140 characters, which is very limited. Just like bookmark, we are marking a short sentence in a little memo and share with friends.
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    Both are important, don't ignore it's.
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    Nowadays microblogging is a part of Social Networking so the answer is obvious
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    Twitter is a micro-blogging website which can be think as a social networking and social bookmarking website too. Purely it is a networking website and mainly used as the best micro-blogging.
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