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    Top Notch Server Management & Monitoring as low as $20/mo @'s Management Services

    A. Full Server / VPS Management & Monitoring
    Top Quality Management Service for only $35 / mo.

    Your server needs to be running 100% of the time, not just mere running, but it should be on its top form. To achieve this, your server's software should be updated to the latest stable release with a properly configured firewall and other security protections. It should be equipped with the needed libraries and software add-ons and a capacity to handle server load. Once the server is leased, the Support staff will properly setup and secure the OS and the Control Panel, Migrate your files, Change your DNS, and many others according to the clients needs. The Support staff may also suggest other options to improve the server's function. It will also be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 times a week and 365 days a year to avoid downtime.

    We accept Major Linux Flavors such as CentOS, Fedora Core, RedHat, FreeBSD and several Control Panel such as Cpanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin, Ensim , Webmin and even servers without Control Panel and with just basic LAMP. We can manage any servers from any Data Center.

    The Benefits:

    • 24 / 7 Monitoring with Reboot
      5 mins. interval and will reboot or email/send reboot request to your Data Center
      Monitored Services : Uptime/Ping, Apache, MySQL, Load, POP3, SMTP, Disk Usage, Swap Usage, Current Users & Total Processes.
    • Within 3 Hours Response Time
      On average, our current Response Time is within 30 mins.
    • Within 24 Hours Resolution Time
      On average, our current Resolution Time is within 1 hour.
    • Unlimited Support Tickets & Live Chat Support
      Submit unlimited number of tickets and access to Live Support at no any additional fees!
    • Initial Server Setup
      We will setup and secure your new server and it will be ready in just little time.
    • Server Hardening
      Security Hardening which consists of installation and setup of CSF/APF Firewall, Hardening of the Control Panel and /tmp & /var/tmp directories, Securing services such as Exim, FTP, DNS, PHP, MySQL, SSH, Host.conf, sysctl.conf, Upload/Download Programs (wget, fetch, scp), etc. Installation of Mod_Security, Mod_Deflate, suPHP, DDos_Deflate, Rkhunter, ChkrootKit, SIM, SPRI, PRM, LSM, Stop Unused Services and more!.
    • Server Optimization
      Custom Optimization of Basic Services to meet the appropriate Hardware. We optimized Apache, MySQL, and PHP as standard.
    • Server Migration
      Migrate your files, database, accounts, with or without control panel.
    • Server Software & Control Panel Upgrades
      Upgrading Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP, SSL, Perl, Exim, Cpanel, etc
    • Server Software Addon Installation
      Installation of FFMPEG (with all it's needed modules), Zend Optmizer, Ioncube, Eaccelerator, Ruby on Rails, GD, Mbstring, Curl, SSL, etc.
    • Control Panel Problems
      Fixing of Control Panel Errors, Incompatibilities, bugs, updates, etc.
    • Backup Restoration
      Restoring of backup and making you online again at no time at all.
    • DDOS Protection & Mitigation
      Protect you from DDOS Attack and will try to mitigate and stop the attack.
    • Disaster Recovery
      Helps find the cause of the Disaster, Recover and rebuild from your backup.
    • Affordable & Flat Fee
      Flat Fee of $35 / month and can cancel anytime.
    • Works Guaranteed
      All works are guaranteed.

    You can save on Management via Pre-Payments and Multiple Servers:


    3 months Pre-Payment = $30 / month
    6 months Pre-Payment = $25 / month
    1 Year Pre-Payment = $20 / month

    Multiple Servers:
    3-5 Servers = $30 / month
    6-9 Servers = $25 / month
    10 Up = $20 / month

    To Order, please go to :

    B. One Time Admin Job
    - Fast and Affordable One Time Admin Job starts @ $25

    When you need to install some software to your server such as FFMPEG and all it's modules to run your video site or you want your Server to be setup and harden but your server is Unmanaged or you want to fix one particular problem in your server and you want just a one time request, and no recurring monthly fees, our One Time Admin Job is for you.

    Our price ranges from $25 - $50 only depending on the request. All request is considered urgent and will be worked right away after sign up. We accept all requests under any Linux Flavors, with or without Control Panel and servers from any Data Center.

    To Order, please go to :

    C. Monitoring Only
    - Professional Monitoring with Human Intervention @ $10/mo.

    24 / 7 / 365 Server Monitoring (5 Minutes Interval) with Reboot. We will monitor your server and will reboot or email/send reboot request to your DC. We do not just ping or check the Network Connection, we also check the following services : Uptime/Ping, Apache, MySQL, Load, POP3, SMTP, Disk Usage, Swap Usage,Total Processes, & Current Users.

    As we also monitor the basic resources, It is optional for the client to provide ssh access or control panel access for us to restart the services or check the logs if not restarting. We only charge $10 / mo per server (1 - 5 servers), $7.5 / mo per server (6 - 9 servers) and $5 / mo per server (10 servers and up).

    To order, please go to :

    We Accept Paypal and Major Credit Cards.

    You can view some of our reviews posted here at WHT:

    or Client Testimonials from our site:

    If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact Sales at [email protected].

    Bobby Bautista

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    Can you offer this on vps or just dedicated?

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