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    * Unmanaged Dedicated Server

    Im planning to buy an Unmanaged Dedicated Server..
    This is the first time that I will buy an UNMANAGED SERVER..
    What are the things I should remember when handling an unmanaged server?
    Can you give me some tutorials about server management?
    I want to learn more about this..


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    Well a good place to start is on Google. Search how to secure your server. If you want an unmanaged dedicated server, go for it. Just look at it as a responsibility. Make sure you read as much as possible about how to secure your server.

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    hire someone like rack911 or something - learn on your own time, in a VM or something.

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    it is very good to have IP KVM with unmanaged server, you can manage, reboot or reinstall os by yourself. - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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    Running of the unmanaged server demands much time especially if you don't have personal experience with that.
    Wikipedia can be helpful for you and WHT if you have certain questions.

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    If you are looking to learn something, I would suggest you to test out linux in a VPS, not on a dedicated server. I have been in the same position before and I managed to trash the linux system a few times with some commands. And I was using a server without IPMI/KVM, so there is no way out except reinstall os, or pay loads to ask support to do it for you.

    Easiest way to start would be to get a Windows 2008 or 2008 R2 dedicated server. Pretty straight forward to setup and manage. Security is dealt with mainly by the included firewall and Windows update. IPMI is a plus, but not absolutely necessary if you run Windows.

    IIS + PHP/ASP gives pretty good performance, IMO way better than Apache. You may be paying for the Windows licensee fee, but it is normally cheaper than CPanel/Plesk for linux.
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    I suppose when you are buying unmanaged dedicated server you will get that with startup setup. In any case I would recommend you to pay for that if you do not know how to proceed.

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    When you first rent a server from the hosting company, I suppose the initial set up is ready. You can immediately use it without issue. You will only need the technical support when you have encountered server issue and need toubleshooting.

    Some hosting companies support up to server issue only with managed dedicated server. Application and script troubleshooting are out of the coverage. You may check with your hosting provider.

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    If you aren't sure how to manage the server I think you should get someone else to do it like platinumservermanagement
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    Yes this is good decision as unmanaged dedicated servers give you the most flexibility for customization. However proper handling and for getting details about server management tutorials please have search on Google.

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    but i dont know where to start..
    i came from a fully managed VPS...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kumpachi View Post
    but i dont know where to start..
    i came from a fully managed VPS...
    Why did you buy unmanaged server in the first place?
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    When someone repeats "unmanaged server" to many times, this means that the best one can do is to get a management. If it is a cPanel server, there are management companies that will charge low cost monthly fee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    Why did you buy unmanaged server in the first place?
    because itss much budget is tight..
    (btw i havent bought still planing)

    looks like i will end up in hiring someone to manage the server

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