I've been using an internet connected digital photo frame in the meeting room of a small non-profit group I'm in. FrameChannel.com had a service where I could upload .jpg files that I use for announcements. They also had a method of selecting .rss feeds, and some content sources. I only used local weather, radar and weather alerts. I did also add the NASA and NOAA pictures of the day for some eye candy. It sure was better than traveling 13 miles each way to change plastic letters on a sign.

I got a letter today saying the service was being discontinued. They point to a similar service, signchannel, but that costs $20/month. While I could pay a few dollars a month, $20 is way off of the value equation for us.

Since we're only interested in one location, does anyone know if there's any hosting software that could be used in this application?

Thanks for any help.