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    Highly Skilled Lighttpd / Linux Specialist Needed

    Let's get right into it.

    I run 5 servers at powering a top 1000 alexa website, on our peak day the site is crippled under the pressure of the traffic. The server loads aren't too bad at peak time (between 1-3) so I'm convinced that someone out there can do a better job at configuring them properly to gracefully accept the traffic. I don't claim to be an expert, I'm just at the end of my rope as far as know-how so I need a third party who is an expert at dealing with EXTREMELY high levels of traffic.

    Some quick facts about the setup:
    - All boxes running lighttpd 1.4.28
    - 3 boxes act as a poor man's load balancer via round robin DNS serving out high bandwidth static content
    - 1 box acts as the web and web mysql server
    - The final box acts as the forum and forum mysql server
    - All scripts are coded in PHP, xcache is installed for script caching and most of the PHP scripts on the web server are cached so that the mysql database is rarely hit.
    - All 5 servers have 1gbps dedicated ports, we never hit 1gbps, the highest I've ever seen is in the 500s so I've ruled out connections being dropped because of port limitations.

    I will pay you hourly to look at my setup, make suggestions and tweak settings, and then I will pay you hourly again to monitor the server on my peak day and continue tweaking settings for maximum performance. The goal here is to have very minimal (if any) downtime and end up with a setup that can accept our traffic without dropping connections at the end of the day.


    Please get back to me with your hourly or fixed rate, and a time quote. Root access is available for all servers.

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    We manage high-load lighttpd sites for more than 4 years.
    Our company can handle that in a best way.

    PM sent. Please check.
    Supportex.Net server management, full range of services. EU-based outsourced company. Since 1998.
    Outstanding quality for high performance projects; clustering and high-availability solutions, DDoS protection.
    Cisco/Juniper network management & deployment assistance. Network design and monitoring.

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    I can help you
    My skype is andrey_rogovsky

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    We can help you with this. Please visit or send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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    Job's filled, thanks for the interest.

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