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    Limited or Unlimited ?

    I'm starting up a web host, for shared and reseller hosting.
    these days, many leading companies provide "Unlimited" words.
    (I don't know actually how much their unlimited is though)

    some people love to hear "Unlimited", where some people knows well what an unlimited actually can be.

    so, what will be good for me to provide(and why),
    Unlimited plans or limited plans for shared hosting?

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    The real question is: Are you able to truly and sincerely offer unlimited hosting space and still offer good quality of service?
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    Unlimited is just a cover up for a lot of bandwidth get it?

    What you should be thinking about right now is what type of people are you going to go after? You could go after business owners, gamers, or even web designers. there are tons and tons of different categories to market after.

    For example if your going to go after gamers, then make your plans small diskspace but lots of bandwidth if your going after a file hosts then make your disk space and bandwidth packages high. It all depends on who your going to go after...

    As for a start, I think you should offer small packages with a good price, start off offering shared hosting from $5 to like $15 make atleast 3 - 4 different packages.

    Good luck.

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    Limited is good, even great!

    Let me explain:
    People (or companies) who offer unlimited resources just are bluffing. You can be sure that once you start using them, there will be carefully worded clauses in their TOS to rein you in.
    You'll start getting warning mails and finally, your account will be suspended.
    Customers, though want to exploit unlimited resources, generally will not be very impressed by this.

    In order to build a reputation for yourself, go for limited hosting. Charge more, people are ready to pay. But, take care to convince customers that giving you money for services is an investment and not charity.
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    I would go limited...
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    Customers know that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. You can't technically offer an unlimited server so don't claim you can.

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    unlimited always close with overselling, i will choose limited with offering reliable service

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    If i were you go with limited. That way you know and your customers will know exactly what they are getting.

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    Customers much prefer "unlimited"
    This tends to reassure them that there will be no sudden price change and/or increase

    I started off many years ago offering unlimited
    Over time I found very few customers actually required this
    I therefore split into three packages
    This did result in a small decrease in turnover, but actually increased the number of customers, so in the long term there was an increase in annual turnover
    In 2003 I finally removed unlimited, three customers were concerned but once I explained what they were actually using they were reassured
    Even now I still receive enquiries, again explaining that unless they have a massive website they will not need such capacity or bandwidth, and should upgrade as and when required
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    I see "unlimited" as, my service has no limit. But in theory, of course it does. Some companies will say, there's no space limit but you're allowed so many nodes.

    Nothing can be truly unlimited. My company website states there are unlimited player slots (game servers), however, the server itself is limited to 500 slots, my company however doesn't limit these slots, just the game server does.

    So, the company may not limit your space or whatever is unlimited, but something will.

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    This really all boils down to what kind of people do you want to attract to your service?

    Sure, 'Unlimited' doesn't exist, but that doesn't stop people from seeking it or providers from 'providing' it. A large portion of those who seek web hosting know very little about it. Comparing two providers at the same price, they base their decision on resource allotments and rarely anything else.

    Questions like these can be best answered by yourself. Do you want to 'provide' 'Unlimited' hosting, or do you want to provide limited hosting?

    Unlimited hosting will attract more clients who need more hand holding and guidance, so supporting them may become a problem.

    Also, no matter what you do, set prices accordingly. We don't need another $1/Mo host that shuts down in two months. Charge realistically, as the cheaper your pricing the more abuse your service will attract. It's not worth it to offer hosting for $3/mo when 50% of those who sign up are fraudulent accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vazapi-Curtis View Post
    Also, no matter what you do, set prices accordingly. We don't need another $1/Mo host that shuts down in two months. Charge realistically, as the cheaper your pricing the more abuse your service will attract. It's not worth it to offer hosting for $3/mo when 50% of those who sign up are fraudulent accounts.
    @Vazapi-Curtis - You make some great points and I agree with a few key points. As for being a budget host it can work well if you already have other Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) streams that generate profit. This could be services such as Collocation, Custom Solutions and Management services.

    We're a budget host and haven't had any issues with spammers. Nevertheless, our servers are secured, monitored, updated and maintained daily. Even though all orders are instant we still review and scrutinize every order received.

    Another obvious point you make is about profit. If you wish to target the budget audience then be prepared to see lower profits which is okay if you already have other streams of profit to help offset some of the costs.

    @Ruivy - Take Vazapi-Curtis advice and start off with packages that have limits that reflect with industry set prices.

    If you already have some form of investment or a cash flow to cover your costs you can also start with the budget route.
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    'unlimit' just good for the ears...
    but, people often got screwed in business by this 'unlimited' things..

    'limited' things is always good for the 'certainty' in business offer...

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    The simple fact is there is no such thing as unlimited, if you run off a VPS with 45GB allocated disk space then you have a limit of 45GB, end of.

    The marketing spin of unlimited is aimed at the uneducated in hosting terms, the greedy or simply those that believe their new website will require massive amounts of disk space in 6 months due to it's future incredible popularity that will even then only require 750mb of space.

    Rather than offer unlimited, educate your customer base!

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