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    Visitor/hits per minute

    I was interested in providing stats to a customer of visitor and hits per minute. We do a lot high volume campaign so we are interested in how traffic aggregates with the first hour.

    I purchased smarterstats thinking that would be a good tool, however it isn't that granular.

    The only option I can think of now is Cacti and pull SNMP traps, but I'm limited on time in figuring out how to configure that.

    Any other ideas?
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    Is it stats of your website? You can configure awstats to get a graphic report.

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    Yes, it is for a site that I host.

    Will that show it per minute?
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    You can update the stats at any time to get a report and it will show up how your website is visited. you can refer to awstats official documentation for a demo.

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