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    web hosting in Dallas

    Hello ,
    I'm looking for a windows web host provider , but i need the server to be located at Softlayer's data center in Dallas.
    Is there any provider to recommend me ?

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    As far as I can tell, Arvixe is.

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    For windows, you can try . They are in Dallas but not softlayer though.
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    Hostgator is in Softlayer.

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    Both Arvixe and HostGator use Softlayer data center. If you don't care about budget, you can use Softlayer itself as well.

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    hi there,

    I believe you must have a specific reason for selecting a host that is located in Dallas. Obviously, if you have budget and want more control over the server, you can get a windows server with softlayer directly.

    If you do not want any headache in maintaining the server, you can have a look at, who specialises in windows and hosting only. Since you just limit your choice to Dallas data center, there is not much I can see. Hope this helps


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    Yes, if dedicated server is your target service. you can deal with softlayer directly since it's direct service. Their server is quite affordable at the moment.

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    Any reason in particular why you are specifically looking for a company that is leasing servers through softlayer? Seems like somewhat of an odd request.
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