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    Google local vs web

    If I go to, I have the option to return results from "South Africa" or "Web". choosing "web" does not give the same results as teh same search at

    Can someone explain the difference between SA vs Web in terms of what SEO works need to be completed to rank well in both result sets.
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    I think in order to rank well in your targeted area like za, you will need to link more in sites specifically catering to za. International sites or links would be your target if you want to rank well in
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    The difference is of data centers. Google have many data centers and it gives results based on IP of particular machine.
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    I believe is also relies on the domain. A .ca domain will obviously rank better in, ect.
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    It is due to different data centers.Google has set up different -different data centers for countries.So due to data centers Google ll show your country results first than other web.It ll always show you different results in your area and web.So if you are targeting your area,you can use Google local places to get rank well in your region.
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    global google gives you search result preferred with .com domains
    while local google give you result with preferred domain
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    .ca will be good for local Google domain name is effect on Google is best for same like local Google always follow local website extension
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    google gives you search result preferred with .com domains and show local search results its also the part of
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    The first category is relevant for a geographical area, whereas the other one is more general. The idea is that if the former better suits your "local" targets, the latter is dedicated to returning the best worldwide results to your query.
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    It depends on IP.
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