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    Arrow Datacenter in Switzerland

    Hi everybody,

    can anybody tell me if they know a good data center in Switzerland, where they can offer 1gbps unmetered bandwidth + dedicated server?
    They need to have peering with major ISPs in Switzerland (SwissCom, Sunrise, Cablecom)!
    Everyone of them I have been with , the packets go threw New York or Washington... It's causing major problems to my customers

    Thanks in advance,

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    Wouldn't anyone who peers at SwissIX be sufficient? The 3 ISPs you mentioned are all present at their InterXion Glattbrugg location.

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    There are a few DC's in Zurich. Equinix have 3 sites then Colo Zurich, Interxion and Layer One are others.

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    Can you suggest me someone who have peers at SwissIX? I was on Dragonara, but i have too much problems on it so I have to switch to a better data center. Off course, the cheaper - the better...

    Thanks for the replies guys

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    Be prepared to pay a large sum (high 4 figures) per month, easily.

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    I have good connection with nine, i will test init7, and if they are both fine, i will take the cheaper one.
    Thanks for the suggestions EDIS

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    init7 really knows what their doing when it comes to routing. Don't just test with them call them up and explain what you want and the issues you're having.

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