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    Unhappy plz help me :what the best site for windows account remote desktop

    hi for all

    plz can you help me to tall
    what the best site for windows account remote desktop
    can you help me for tell me what the site

    can you tell me what the best

    I need a high speed connection for uploading and downloading
    I need a connection speed of 1 GB or 100 mbit

    Thank you for everything

    Your brother AnsanBseeT


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    The cheapest provider with Windows that I know of is Leaseweb. The cheapest server with Windows is 38 euros per month, additional discount for longer payment terms.

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    I don't think they want a server just a windows RDP account.

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    Well you would need your own server to have an RDP Account..

    There isn't a such thing as like.. a shared Terminal Server?

    And on Windows shared hosting you don't get RDP access. So only resort is to have your own virtual machine/dedicated server, etc.

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    There are Windows VPS available but those doesn't (normally) come cheap. And you certainly don't get a "high speed connection" because it would either be shared bandwidth or shared I/O. A Windows VPS that is likely to meet your requirement would most likely exceed the price of the Leaseweb server I quoted

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