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    Question Munin disk usage don`t working, why?

    I have installed munin plugin via cPanel and almost all working fine but for hard drives almost nothing, nothing on graph for:
    Disk IOs per device
    Disk IOs per device
    Disk throughput per device
    Disk utilization per device
    IO Service time

    only what working that is:
    Inode usage in percent
    Disk usage in percent

    Why? Somebody know how to fix this? This is 32 bit centos server and munin is 1.4.5...


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    Are you sure that is not a virtual server?

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    You should go to /etc/munin/plugins/ to look for hdd stats plugins and check how they work.

    For example, "munin-run --servicedir $PWD diskstats" command.

    It looks as if you miss some Perl modules or program required for monitoring.

    However if you're going to monitor every single aspect of your server (load average, network cards status, CPU usage, memory usage, postfix, exim4, mysql), you could degrade your server performance.
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