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    * I need immediate help to erect the websitepanel in windows server 2008

    Hello, my name is Nick

    I have problems with installing websitepanel and want to help set it to work successfully. I try installing websitepanel 1 year. I have not succeeded until now. Help for me with very little cost because I do not have much money available. Thank you for understanding.

    Thanks, Nick
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    you can install it easily using web platform installer developed by microsoft.
    Fabin Mundattil @ Xieles Support
    High Quality Server Management | support @

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    Thanks for answering

    I tried the web platform installer, but do not have enough help. I need someone to help me to be online at the internet server.

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    SQL SERVER, MySQL, Websitepanel Portal, FTP I have installed.

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    Guy with screen Name Amaziah has done this for me and that too at a very less cost. DO contact him if you need this to be done ASAP.

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