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    Moving from Shared to VPS to Dedicated. Please help.

    Hey guys,

    I've been on WHT for a while and being unfamiliar with web hosting, I've relied on suggestions from the experts here before taking major decisions w.r.t. any changes in my hosting plans.

    Here's my situation (it's a little long so please bear with me)

    I run a forum (IP.Board) with about 8,000 members, who are very active. On an average there are about 100 members online at any given time. I also have a blog (Wordpress) which was recently expanded significantly into a full-fledged website.

    I've been with HostGator for a few years now. I started with a shared plan and when the traffic got too much, it started throwing up internal server errors. I then moved to Hostgator's level 3 VPS (CPU: 1.13 GHZ, RAM: 768 MB, Disk Space: 30 GB). The internal server errors only became more frequent. Tech support said due to excess traffic the server's resources are being maxed out.

    They recommended that I upgrade to a level 6 plan (CPU: 3.39 GHZ, RAM: 2304 MB, Disk Space: 102 GB). Even after doing that, I'm facing internal server errors and database errors on Wordpress and IPB. There's frequent downtime.

    I'm currently paying $130 a month for the VPS plan. Although my site is popular, it's non-profit so I can't really afford an expensive dedicated server. But I'm willing to move to a dedicated server if it will ensure that I don't have any downtime. And since I don't really know my way around this stuff, I'll need a managed server.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me

    1. If moving to a dedicated server will solve my problem
    2. Which is the best providers for dedicated servers? I need zero downtime and good support (preferably 24/7 chat support)


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    To tell you the truth, I don't really think that your site is really that busy. We have people whose blog/Wordpress site is busier than yours and it is running totally fine with no problem at all on a Shared Hosting account.

    WordPress with addons could drain up resources a lot and if you're using a lot of addons, then that might be a problem. I really do not see you doing any better even if you upgrade to a Dedicated Server or etc. It's not that which is the problem, it's most probably your WP which is causing the problem. Check the WP to see what is there again and try disabling/uninstalling the non-required components.

    By the way, there's no such thing called as BEST providers. All hosts strive for 0 downtime but sometimes things do happen. Check out the offer section for more info.
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    Further to the comments of aodat2, I don't feel you need a dedicated server in your current situation. You will struggle to find a reliable managed dedicated provider for $100 per month.

    I would opt for a provider that can either provide you with a large memory/cpu usage in a shared environment, or choose a new VPS with at least 2/2.5GB guaranteed memory. It will work out more affordable in the longer run. Contact a number of providers to see what they can offer.
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    I think that you'd stay on a VPs if you have someone to optimize the IP.Board and the overall performance of the virtual server. If you are moving to a dedicated server, you'd need to speak to a few providers and to try to get custom solution. Find out who'll be paying more attention to your project and make sure you'll have a personal representative in the company.
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    It's possible that Hostgator's shared and vps servers are overloaded and if your site requires any resources at all, it will throw the errors you are seeing.

    Migrating should not be difficult if you choose the right company as free assistance is typically included with the plan you choose. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I too feel that the traffic on my site isn't heavy enough for me to be facing such errors.

    Are there service providers who will optimise my virtual server and IP Board? If so, can you please recommend some?

    As for Wordpress being the resource hog, we only just overhauled our Wordpress theme, before which it was a very basic blog with just one of two added plugins. Yet I would face server errors, so I'm pretty sure the forum is the culprit. And I've also noticed that these errors usually show up between 7 and 11 pm, when the activity on the forums is highest.

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    Well no need to rush move to dedicated server, you still can try litespeed or nginx to handle traffic. I think for that traffic, you still can use vps and be sure to get raid10 to catch performance.

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    Kinda curious to see your forum now lawl

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    Quote Originally Posted by i2dotnet View Post
    you still can try litespeed or nginx to handle traffic. I think for that traffic, you still can use vps and be sure to get raid10 to catch performance.
    Can you please shed some light on how litespeed or nginx and work. I mean, what do they do? And can I use them with my current VPS plan or are these different web hosts themselves?

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    litespeed is a commercial web server software that claims apache compatibility. it is supposed to be much faster and handle much higher load than standard apache. litespeed can be used with vps / dedicated (work with cpanel, directadmin, plesk etc) and there is another option for webserver like nginx / lighttpd. If you want to read more about litespeed, i can suggest you to read | cmiiw

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    Nginx and lighttpd are both good alternatives to litespeed, although they do not integrate as easily or neatly with Cpanel as litespeed does. - High Bandwidth Specialists - 100TB/1Gbps/10Gbps Unmetered/CDN/DDOS Protected
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    I don't use Cpanel a whole lot anyway. Are these free to use? Do I have to install them?

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    FYI, my friend's forum run on my Leaseweb Q8300 averages <10% CPU load with about 300 users online. Blog should take close to no load at all, LowEndBox would be the best example for this.

    Although database error would suggest something wrong with your mysql setting. Or possibly some mods/plugin of your IPB is eating up a lot of resources.

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    I recommend you try a Cloud VPS Server with a decent amount of CPU and RAM. And you can add cPanel to help make quick changes to your sites, etc.

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    First, you really need to have someone look at your sites and advice from there. We don't know much about your sites, but it seems that you have outgrown VPS plans.

    I was looking at a few vps providers and found,, and

    All very good and offer hybrid servers. You're going to need 4GB of ram or more. So a hybrid plan is good for your current situation. Though they cost around $150/month

    At the rate you're going though, it appears that a dedicated solution would be best in the long run. Most hybrid plans will dedicate one or two cpu cores, in a dedicated server you will get 100% of the resources. They only problem with a dedicated server is that management is not cheap, while hybrid plans are usually managed.

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    Theirs a nice free plugin you can use for Cpanel for Nginx which passes all php requests to Apache, and creates the Vhost files for you and includes a cache config for Wordpress.

    But as states above, you don't realy need Cpanel if you know what your doing.

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    As your site is not too much busy so you can continue with the Shared Hosting account only as I am also referring it for my use.

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