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    Angry are scam/scammers with no honor !

    I registered and paid to the "instant activation" service , and look to the invoice :

    but the domain they got paid for ( never went up !! (you can check that at any whois service)

    and after a week of crying to the "support" I had to take an external domain and asked for a refund, but I never got the refund until I was writing those lines !

    as you can see, those scammers claims that they have 30 days refund "guarantee" , look :

    today is 15 June, the invoice was at 19 May, I've been talking to them about the refund since 29 May, they keep telling my that they will extend the hosting with the money of the domain, but this is not what I want, I want all my money back (the domain and the hosting or at least the domain).

    what do you suggest me to do guys to get my money back ??

    note that they never commited to their claimed "guarantee" as follows :

    1-"One Hour Response Time Guarantee" - LOL are you kidding !!
    2-"Live 24/7 Technical Support" Thats a little bit wierd !
    3-"99.9% Uptime Guarantee" Looks like they are old style at calculating uptime !
    4-"30 Day Money Back Guarantee" then why you don't you just refund my domain that you never bought !!!

    the invoice is attached

    and look here - the domain never registered :

    so you got the money just as fraudlent/scam with no intention to register it, as we all see.

    they are thieves, never try them and I call the Administration here to suspent their account and mark it as spammers, thanks.
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    If they did not even bother registering your domain name and they are still refusing to offer you a refund, then I think that is beyond shady. I'm not to familiar with moneybookers, but do they have any kind of dispute center where you can dispute transactions? If so, that will be your best bet.
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    your best bet is to try and contact moneybookers dispute center if they do have one..

    as for them thats really not nice and they should not be able to use sites like wht to advertise there service.

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    No offense, but when you see a site ripping another it just comes to no cancellation, I certainly would not be trusting them even though they refuse to believe it.

    However, if the domain was never registered then you should definitely be entitled back to that refund, no questions asked.
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    The name Hostfly reminds me about Registerfly.
    I'm not sure why they don't fulfill customer's order.
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    Cheap price don't mean nice services and best guarantee.

    Hope you still alive.

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    Greetings from Hostfly!

    We reviewed the account of Mr. Ahmed. His account was suspended for hosting page of AOL login which he has accepted in his reply. Not only this but this person was also doing MASS mailing using a PHP script which was chocking our mail queue. We did reminded him via ticket to remove the same and not to repeat in future. However after that also the same script was re-uploaded on our webspace and the same activity was repeated. The whole activity was done within few hours after his bought hosting account with us. As we do manual domain registrations the same was pending at that point of time. However after his account gets suspended for violating our terms and conditions, he started sending mails asking for refunds in a language no one can ever tolerate.

    After conducting a deep investigation, we also found that the phone number entered in his profile was a fake number and he has simply used a phone number of jorden. However the account was being accessed from a Nigerian IP address.

    Due to his account was have faced recent issues with our upstream who call it as ABUSE.

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    great another spammer that get shutdown and then screams at his host shame on them...

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