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    Intel Hexacore or AMD 6-core?

    Which one is better for shared hosting server? Intel Hexacore processor or AMD 6-core processor?
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    I think either one would work. I personally like AMD processors, but there are those who swear only by Intel processors. Generally, AMD processors are cheaper.

    For shared hosting, memory and disk i/o will be more important with CPU coming in a close third.

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    Go here - and compare the two CPUs you have in mind. You can compare both the performance and the price to performance ratio.

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    I have 10 AMD Octo cores running in 6 servers; running a mix of Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer (Free and Enterprise). So 160GHz of computing power and 320GB of RAM!

    They really do work very well in virtual environments, most of the hardware is Supermicro by the way, rock solid. I have two HP's, we had awesome random hard resets until they finally released a BIOS update after a few months of that crap. No problems at all on the Supermicro though.

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