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    Exclamation suggestion needed.


    We have received Unverified payment form paypal.

    One of our client ordered share hosting plan = about 20-30 $ USD

    it seem not a lot... but he ordered two share hosting account + created two different account in our whmcs..

    keep in mind...he used same paypal id.

    do you think this client will be fraud ?

    because we have just give paypal a call, they are not able to check anything about that transaction.

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    Anytime a non face-to-face transaction is made, you do so entirely at your own risk. Customer can very easily instigate and win a chargeback dispute against you, with or without reason. Paypal has no way to investigate or guarantee the transaction, plus as I'm sure you've discovered by now, PP customer service is non-existent. About all you can (and should) do is contact the customer yourself personally and verify the transaction to your satisfaction. If the contact info is invalid, the person you speak to knows nothing about the order, those are pretty good red flags to alert you to walk away. And l feel compelled to repeat this again for the umpteenth time: You get what you pay for with Paypal. With a traditional gateway and merchant account you could avail yourself of some excellent security and fraud suites designed to help avoid (nothing can alleviate completely) fraud. If you are a serious business, there is no reason not to have Paypal as a PART of your payment offering, but not the ONLY solution.

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