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    Do forum signatures really help?

    I have forum accounts on various sites and I am wondering how much a signature really helps. Let's say link to one of my sites from my sig line here with the anchor text "anchor text choice one" and from another forum I link to the same site with "anchor text choice two."

    Would this help my site? I know I only have a handful of posts here, but I have a lot of posts on other forums. Just wondering how much this helps.

    Also, is it a bad idea to link to let's say two of my niche sites here and then the same two on another sig? Or should I mix it up: like link to two sites here and link to two different sites on a different forum sig?
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    No they would not help SEO. They will help to get some more visitors from it , unless it has dofollow attributes (very rare and might be set for dedicated users as a kind of bonus).
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    Visits from forums might be a rare case because the people there are relevant to you and providing same services and who like to vote a competitor,yeah if they are dofollow they can benefit you providing good backlinks.
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    Forum signatures can definitely help you to get more visitors to your site and to increase PR.
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    I cannot on helping with SEO, but all positive advertising will benefit your business. How much it will benefit your business will depend on the quality of the content of the thread and your contribution to it.

    From a branding perspective, you should keep your signature consistent with your other signatures e.g. email.
    Michael Follett
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    yes i think it is work but again if you spam any forum then it will be bad for your website pr so do not try to spam any forum.
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    If the forum is related and reputable than dofollow signature can pass linkjuice and be helpful fur SEO I think
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    ^ I agree with you since almost all forums/sites nowadays are nofollow sites. Owners prefer to make it nofollow to retain its own SEO juice.
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    Signature links always helps in ranking and traffic for linked website. If forum provides dofollow links then it is helpful in both ranking and traffic, on the other hand nofollow forums can drive traffic towards linked website.
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    Forum signature really help your keyword ranking and trafic.
    <<Please see rules for signature setup>>
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    anchor text from signatures will really help your search keyword ranking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OffshoreRacks View Post
    anchor text from signatures will really help your search keyword ranking.
    indeed yes. some seo service provider are even buying signature links to some users to improve rankings and backlinks of the site they're promoting.
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    They don't hurt .. but be careful I got my signature banned
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