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    Wanting to rewrite asp pages

    So I am optimizing a website for a friend. The site is built in asp and they have very unfriendly urls for the search engines.

    I am having 2 problems with the programmer

    1) supposedly some of the URLs are database driven and they cannot simply change the URL structure
    example change
    to new url

    does that sound right? a simple url change cannot happen because it is too much work?

    2)I dont want the urls to end in .aspx
    can the urls end with a forward slash?

    seems fishy to me like they are being lazy.

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    1) Correct. The URL is a dynamic page reference. The dest=39 will be used by the ASP script to pull the correct information out of the database.

    2) The only URL you can have end in a forward slash is the one that will return the default index page. And you can have only one default index page per web directory. All other pages must use a URL the includes the page name. The extension (.aspx) is used by IIS to route the page to the correct rendering engine. This one you can't avoid since this is how URLs and requesting pages works.

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    I am working on something similar but didn't know what route to take.
    If I'm hearing centauricw correctly, you are saying you can not change the url name?

    Someone suggested to me to create new directories like so:
    Then create a new page, adding the source code from the exsisting aspx page, and name it index.aspx.
    then put it into that subsubfolder or where ever you need it.

    That way you have your url as you need it and can redirect the old url to that one.

    A big work around, but would that work?

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    thanks i appreciate it. I have been looking around the web and seems to be some programs that can handle this

    PS.....can database driven pages be 301 redirects easily?
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    You can use IIS URL Rewrite module to configure the URLs and 301 redirection.

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