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    Thumbs up WANSecurity: Two Trouble Tickets Handled Very Well

    Back in January of this year I migrated my most important and mission critical domains to a new dedicated server at the WANSecurity facility in Los Angeles. In LA they are in the KDDI data center at 626 Wilshire Boulevard.

    Things have been going along very well but in the last month I had occasion to contact them twice for tech support, in both cases they provided excellent service in a very satisfactory time frame. Here are the details.

    One morning I woke up to a message from cPanel about serious errors on my backup hard drive. I ran smartctl several times and got dismal failures both times. The server was stable and all websites were online, but it was evident that a hardware problem was brewing and things of this sort are best fixed soon if possible. I placed a ticket that included the phrase "this is not urgent" and they responded in 32 minutes.

    My ServerMicro server has 4 bays of which I was using 3. A tech in LA first tried inserting a new drive in the 4th bay but we soon realized it was not cabled. I ended up umounting the failing drive, then they put the new one in bay 3. They put the failing drive in an external USB enclosure for me. This is a self-managed server. I did the fdisk, mkfs, e2label, vi /etc/fstab dance then tried to copy the existing backup sets from the failing drive - but it failed completely at that point. No worries because all of the user accounts were fine anyway. Job done.

    The tech who worked with me was friendly, helpful, competent and communicated clearly. In fact he gave me a hard drive he had ordered for his own computer then ordered a new one for himself. My server never went down. I was very, very pleased with the way this issue was handled.

    Earlier this evening my home computer began having trouble pulling mail from the server. I was in the middle of cooking dinner At first I thought the POP3 server just needed to be reset, but I soon realized I was getting a high rate of packet loss to my LA server but going to any other host was fine.

    I opened a ticket after regular business hours, asking if there was perhaps a DDoS going on or some other issue. I did not mark the ticket as urgent. The same tech who handled my drive replacement so well responded in exactly two minutes. TWO MINUTES and it was after hours. By the time I was able to test using ping again the problem was already fixed and I had a message asking me to test and confirm that things were OK now, and they were.

    In both cases the service I got from WANSecurity exceeded my expectations, and all of their communications with me were coherent, detailed and friendly.

    Neither of these issues were caused by any negligence at WANSecurity but they were right on top of them both very quickly.

    I'm planning to keep my mission critical sites at WANSecurity, I'm a happy customer.
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    Awesome review, definitely what support is supposed to be like.
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    That's nice you are with the decent host.

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    A real good review, that the support to be supposed like, and same for the customer ;-)

    well done!

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