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    Difference between VPS and Cloud VPS

    Hi I want to know the difference between this 2 concepts becausea I dont have it clear, I know this can be a dumb question but you know what they say: better be dumb one time and no forever or something...

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    I asked this question in the cloud section if you care to search. The thread got quite a few responses. Basically, it can be the same as a VPS but more scalable on demand. And the term cloud can be very subjective from host to host.
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    Thanks I will going to search. Sorry.

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    They're similar in a sense, simply because both are a Virtualized instance in which is separated from the rest of the particular node. The Cloud has the benefits of redundancy and ease of scaling to what you need, or growing as your site grows. This means you'll be able to have more processing power and other valuable resources such as RAM and Storage dedicated to your particular VM as needed.
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