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    What would a good Domain Prize be

    So I got a job in selling domains, but I've never wondered about this before, but what actually counts as cheap in Domain's?

    I get payed 20% for each sale, so it would be rather silly of me going up to a person offering this and they'd laugh into my face because the rates were too high..

    .com USD 12.99 .co USD 30.00 .net USD 12.99
    .org USD 12.99 .info USD 12.99 .biz USD 19.99
    .us USD 12.99 .eu USD 12.99 USD 14.99

    So these are the prizes. Tho must say I've never seen anyone use .biz and why is .co so high?

    So in your honest opinion does this look like something that might interest you if you were out and about looking for a domain name or will I get a no no matter how I try?

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    Burr, I appreciate your desire to jump into the domain registration and webhosting business but there are better ways to do it. You appear to be responding to an offer in the Job Offers forums where you will get a 20% commission by selling for a reseller of Directi. You can become a reseller yourself (cheap or no cost) and cut out this middleman. You can signup with one of the registrars below - all of whom use the same interface. Note - it's not easy to make money in this market as most domain buyers prefer to go with an established registrar not a reseller.
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    Are you domain name reseller?
    In this case I recommend you looking for your competitors to see what they offer if you will be offering high price and the beginning that will be really slow for you to get a lot of clients.

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