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    Everybody is good, I am here to share my energy

    1 I ordered a 5.28 in Germany, the above standard VPS price for $12.99
    2 To 5.29 to just give me opening, when I saw the slogan is to buy its VPS

    I questioned in here

    You can't start in time, why labeled the slogan

    This is " Marketing fraud "??

    Now let's look at it in the price

    wrote above is $12.99

    Why do I payment will become$14.33?

    Later, I'm going to get a refund, I buy less than a day, he let myself go to see his terms of service
    I direct complaints to paypal, he directly seal up my account, some of my web site with a top data, this is why,

    Now she has not let I reply to all of my problems, is this why?

    He put all my for into a payment link, you want to do is? Please come out, my host that pay the time has not way?

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    what do you want to say?

    I didn't understand anything

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