We have been providing virtual private servers since 2004.

  1. We own our own network infrastructure and servers
  2. We own and manage our own IP space direct from ARIN
  3. We are not a hosting reseller
  4. We have full control over our hardware, network, and staff

** We do not rent $299 servers from large datacenters and cut them into 30$ slices like 90% of the VPS "hosts" on the internet. This type of business model often fails and results in countless posts on this very forum. Don't make a costly mistake. Check our reputation here: http://www.webhostingstuff.com/review/RapidVPS.html

Pictures of our colocation facility:

Pictures of our equipment cage:

WHM/Cpanel loaded VPS (512MB mem/25GB disk) as low as $17/mo, click for pricing options: