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    FusionNET - XEN Launch - 50% off First Month - cPanel VPS - US & UK - BLOW OUT SALE!!

    Welcome to FusionNET Solutions,
    Your Needs, Your VPS, Your Budget, Our Team!
    The FusionNET Way

    We formed FusionNET Solutions with one goal in mind - Provide a fast, reliable, and amazing VPS Solution with amazing support to assist you when you need it!


    XENSTOCK - 50% off (First Month)
    - Expires: June 20th, 2011
    - Good For: All XEN VPS Packages
    STOCK0 - 25% off (First Month)
    - Expires: First 10 Uses or July 1st, 2011
    - Good for: All Unmanaged OpenVZ Packages!
    - Extras: After first month, 5% off for recurring months!
    STOCK15 - 15% off (2 months)
    - Expires: June 25th, 2011
    - Good for: Unmanaged OpenVZ & XEN Solutions
    STOCK10 - 10% off (life time)
    - Expires: July 1st, 2011
    - Good For: All VPS Packages! (cPanel VPS, XEN VPS, Unmanaged OVZ)

    All coupons expire: July 1st, 2011 (7/1/2011) at the latest, unless stated otherwise above.

    Note: First two people to use XENSTOCK, STOCK0, STOCK15, STOCK10: will be put into a drawling to win a free month of service & $15.00 credit! Winner will be selected July 1st, 2011

    ** Prices shown below are before the promotions are applied! **


    Extra Perks included on all VPS Solutions!

    - 24/7/365 - Ticket Support & IRC Community!
    - 24/7/365 Server Monitoring (5 minute interval checks)
    - IRC Allowed Solutions!
    - Legal Adult Content!
    - VPN Ready! (TUN/TAP Enabled on Request!)
    - IPv6 ready!
    - Managed Support available!
    & Much much much more!!


    Each Deal Includes:
    • Guaranteed Amount of Resources For Just a Fraction of Cost
    • Free Migration from Your Old Host
    • Free Server Setup
    • Free Monitoring on All Packages
    • Free Site Bandwidth Statistics

    cPanel VPS
    - Starting at $30.00 normally! Our cpanel VPS packages include free cPanel/WHM & Fully Managed support!


    768MB Managed cPanel VPS
    768MB Dedicated RAM
    20GB Raid-10 Hard Drive
    250GB Premium Bandwidth
    FREE cPanel/WHM!
    2 IPv4 & 5 IPv6 Addresses
    Fully Managed + FusionSOLAR Monitoring
    OpenVZ Linux VPS / SolusVM Control Panel
    100mbit fully unrestricted connection!
    Dallas, Texas (Softlayer)
    - $30/month (Buy Now!)

    - M1024: $35 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - M2048: $40 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - M3072: $50 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)


    Unmanaged OpenVZ Packages! - Plans starting from $20/yr & $6.00!! Grab yours quick!!



    128MB OpenVZ Linux VPS / 192MB Burstable RAM
    10GB Dedicated Space
    1 IPv4 / 5 IPv6
    40GB Premium Bandwidth
    No Management
    Yearly pricing only

    - $20/YEAR (Buy Now!)

    - OVZ256: $6 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - OVZ384: $8 - (View Details/Order)
    - OVZ512: $12 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - OVZ768: $15 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - OVZ1024: $20 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)

    All plans include SolusVM Control Panel, Two Locations (US & UK), 24/7 Technical Support, VPN Ready, rDNS Management, and Native IPv6 Ready!


    XEN VPS! - Plans starting from $10! Blazing Fast Servers! Premium Solutions! semi-managed support included!



    - 256MB Dedicated RAM / 256MB Swap
    - 10GB RAID HDD
    - 75GB Premium Bandwidth / 100Mbit Fully Unrestricted Connection
    - 1 Equal Share CPU Core
    - 1 Dedicated IPv4 IP / 10 Dedicated IPv6 IP
    - Semi-managed
    - XEN VPS / SolusVM Control Panel
    - $10 (Buy Now!)

    - XEN512: $15.00 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - XEN1024: $30.00 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)
    - XEN2048: $50.00 - (Plan Details/BuyNow!)

    All XEN Plans included Dedicated Resources, Semi-Managed Support, Tons of OS Options, Native IPv6 Ready, Two Locations! (US & UK), and Much more!


    Please note at this time, all the unmanaged OpenVZ & XEN packages are only available to Webhostingtalk Members! We have not advertised them on our website any where else. The launch of our new services we wanted to provide WHT with the first batch of stock, grab them before they are gone once they run out of stock they will not be available at the low prices!!

    Included with all of our solutions!

    100% Network Uptime!
    If our network goes down, you get your money back.

    We have to admit - we're a bit confused. When you pay an ISP to provide you with internet, you expect them to do just that. But when downtime arises, many providers have a bag full of excuses, and wouldn't dream of refunding you for your downtime. We're different. With every hosting account we sell, we guarantee 100% network uptime. If we fall through, you get your money back.

    Our servers can be configured to handle high traffic loads.
    A large portion of our clientele own and operate online publications - whether that be a blog, news site, or another type of content producer. With that comes the possibility of high traffic loads, which many times, come unexpectedly. That's why we provide high server load configurations upon request.

    With the proper settings and configuration, our high end servers can handle the Digg effect and comparable traffic loads. Please submit a request during signup or through a support ticket to have your server configured properly.

    Our Customer Care.
    We base our entire company philosophy on one thing - making you happy.

    Customer support is the centerfold of our entire company. Throughout your time using our service, our goal is to provide you with customer support that is like nothing you have ever experienced.

    Moving From Another Host
    Making the decision to switch from your current host sometimes leaves a bad taste in your mouth, But don't worry, we've got it covered.

    Hosted on cPanel? We can transfer everything with a click of a button. Need a industry recognized script installed. We'll install free of charge.

    Fast & Free Setup!
    We know when you buy hosting everyone hates waiting, This is why we have our Customer Service department online 24/7 ready to setup orders and handle all needs!

    To prevent a longer wait, and account holds please use real and correct information during the sign up to make sure you pass our fraud & security checks. If everything goes correct you will be directed towards your invoice, and as soon as you pay the invoice the service is sent to be provisioned, You will get your welcome e-mail within 15-20 minutes (cPanel VPS could take up to 30minutes so we can make sure the control panel is installed and its licensed)
    FusionNET Solutions
    OpenVZ & XEN VPS available in US & UK.
    IRC & Adult Allowed, RDNS Control, 24/7 Helpdesk, VPN Ready, Native IPv6 Ready!

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