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    Your Experience with Belkin KVM over IP


    Would you please share your experience on

    Belkin OmniView SMB 16 Port?

    I'm willing to buy one. I got an avocent of ebay and it was a terrible mistake!!!


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    I used the old one that will worked with a standard onmiview and had the module that you attach to it therefore making it IP capable. It worked ok, but takes up too much rackspace. I believe the modern all in one deals are better, taking 1 or 2U.

    Why didn't you like the advocent?

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    Do not do it to yourself they are junk. The spider single ports will "IP" enable most OSD KVM's and are reliable a couple hundred on ebay.

    Advocent loves the non transferable licensing plan and requires it to use the gear.

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    Another vote for the lantronix spider, i've never had a positive experience with anything belkin makes no matter what it was, and i've given their products far more chances than i should have.
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    Even though it's not specifically what you asked about, I'll chime in on their NON-IP enabled KVM gear.

    Two thumbs down.

    We did management for a colo'd client who had 3 Belkin OmniView Pro 8-port units in their rack. They frequently locked up, and the flaky OSD frequently lost its host list and reverted to all blank. All 3 were that way, so we ruled out a defective unit. Just plain junk.

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