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    * [WTS] Fully Coded Web Hosting Template 10+ Pages & WHMCS Integration

    Hey WHT!

    Note: that I'm not looking to make a profit on this, or a loss even! I'm just looking to recuperate the funds already spent on it (1,200.00 GBP).

    Due to lack of spare time and other commitments, I have no use with this coded template and looking to sell it.

    The site is fully custom, unique and full rights will be given to the buyer.

    This sale includes:

    • The design itself (designed by - all PSDs, stock images, fonts
    • 10+ Fully coded pages, with a jquery image-slider on the index - 3 slides
    • The template/XHTML/CSS/js files (coded by Sam Asante of Vissol &
    • The WHMCS integration (by

    All the pages have been setup in PHP includes and the headers/titles/dropdown menus are all dynamic. I will also include the custom .htaccess rewrite rules with this. The buyer may re-use any of the content already on the site.

    Please forgive the wide screenshots, my monitor resolution is 1080p.


    A live demo can be provided on request, but only to reputable WHT members.

    BIN: 1,200.00 GBP.

    Accepted payment methods: PayPal (Verified) and bank transfer (UK only).

    I'm willing to sign any legal documentation that the buyer sends to me, for the legal transfer of full rights & copyright.

    Also willing to make small alternations for the buyer.

    If you have any questions, please do PM me!

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    Good luck with the sale Johnny.
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    I know him. Best guy one. Good luck, Johnny D
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    Sold. This thread may be closed.

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