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    stormondemand customer service terrible

    The other night around 4:00 GMT+1 I purchased from Liquidweb via stormondemand.

    Someone rung me around 4-5 hours after and woke myself up. as I was half awake. they asked me a few questions but my mind was quite blank as I was still sort off asleep. the guy acted very rude to myself. and asked for State ID, as I don't live in the US I don't know what state ID is, also another note. I currently don't have much ID. I did have a passport. but it got ruined.

    The only ID, I can get hold off is maybe a letter off my address. but that's hard to upload to a customer due to a few reasons. but I don't see why they require ID as it does not state anywhere they would ask for that.

    I just don't see why they hang up chat sessions after not being in them long. and become rude to customers on the phone.
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    Hello, you should provide additional information which will clarify your position, such as what method you this company with.

    Bear in mind that accepting credit cards over the internet is a risky venture, and depending on what country you are from, the risk can be increased due to no fault of your own. Countries known for high rates of credit card fraud, such as Brazil, Mexico, and Egypt, are often highly scrutinized.

    You should have some sort of official identification card (issued by some government agency), this is part of existing as a human on this planet, particularly if you live "on the grid".

    If you do not have any type of identification, it is unlikely that you would be able to open a bank account in the first place (this is normally a pre-requisite for credit cards to be issued).
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    There are plenty of inherent risks when dealing with online trade, and frauds are unfortunately a prominent risk for any hosting provider, and by continuation, their overall clientele. Nobody wants to be on the same node as a botnet, hacker, spammer, ie. criminal. I see nothing out of the norm for this procedure. Liquidweb gets a thumbs-up on our books for being firm and diligent in regards to their anti-fraud screening process.
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    They sorted it for me.
    Case closed.

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