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    What tools do you use to monitor high load?

    If anyone can tell what monitor thhey are using and the reason why?
    i heard about HotSaNIC but the latest release is dated back 2004 which could be eploited by hackers maybe since the latest version is old

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    We use Cacti, and Zenoss, Splunk, Labtech, and some other tools. Cacti can show you graphs of usage but Zenoss will go a bit further. There are so many different tools out there you just have to find whats best for you...

    We monitor all of our servers so if there are problems we know about them.

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    Cacti is what I use to monitor server load, cpu, memory, network traffic, httpd stats , mysql stats etc..
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    We use Cacti, Zabbix and ganglia for that.
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