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    Byethost Bytes premium hosting / vps & virpus review

    I have been searching for the cheapest solution to host my websites and i have found byehost free web hosting really interesting ( no ads, support for php and mysql , host your own domains , etc ).

    after about a month with them i have found that my free hosted sites were behaving strangely , redirecting to all kind of other sites owned by byethost.
    looking into the problem i have found that they use a javascript redirect string added to all php errors/notices . i had some problem from time to time accessing ftp .also there were limitation on some stuff that i won`t remember exactly .

    well .. it was a free hosting so i cant say anything about these inconvenients ; however i decided to move to paid hosting with then. they were kindly enough to move my sites from free to paid account (not really hard job , i could do it myself but since they offered to do it ... )

    paid hosting was not that expensive and using a "yearly payment deduction" it was somehow a really good deal (Premium Web Hosting - Monthly Std. $35.88 USD with Annually Billing Cycle)

    so , i have paid them and moved to the cheapest plan of "premium hosting" witch was advertised as "unlimited disk space, AND trafic FOR REGULAR WEBSITE CONTENT" .
    everything was fine and i was happy .... but this was just the beginning.
    After about a month i had a spike on traffic , going from 3k pages/day to 30k. i was in countryside at the moment and i did not checked if my sites were online but i did check my email from my phone. the spike was started on Saturday, July 3 2010 and it has continued on Sunday , 4 of July , 2010 (31k and respectively 24k pages view ). then it just droped to zero. when i get back from country side on 7 of july i have found ALL my sites down ( suspended ) , no notification email from byethost about any problem and my adsense revenue going down from 34,88 on 4 of july to zero starting from 5 of july . i have opened a support ticket with byet host and only then they notified me that my PREMIUM UNLIMITED TRAFFIC PAID ACCOUNT

    "is hosted on a 'shared hosting server' where other clients have
    a website hosted on the same server as your website.

    We are sorry your website was suspended, your site was using so much
    resources that it was effecting other users on the same server, it is hard
    for us to notify you in advance of this as it only appears evident your site
    is causing high server load when it is too late and other users/sites are
    Our systems detected that your website has been causing massive server load for a prolonged period.

    We acknowledge your website is very popular and that the high server load which is being created is caused by the success of your domain and work!

    We would like to continue hosting your websites, however this is no longer possible on a 'shared hosting server'. We need you to consider upgrading your shared hosting to a Virtual Server or VPS."

    So , i have asked them to use my remaining credit to pay for a VPS and get my sites back online ASAP.
    On july 8 my vps was online and sites were back . however after 3 days of being OFFLINE google started ro rank me very low and the new pageviews started at only 5k (GOOGLE ADSENSE INCOME 7,97 ).
    considering that if for the 3 days wile the sites were offline widthout any notification the adsense income was as low as the 7,97 on the first day of restart -- and i am convinced that the adsense income should have been higher -- i`ve lost 25 euro (i am not speaking about notification BEFORE the suspension but at least right AFTER the suspension was in place, if i was not checking on my websites probably they were supposed to stay offline until my yearly payment was reaching its end ).

    Anyway for a $9.99 USD / month ive got a VPS with 1 IP, 6 GB Disk and 64 MB RAM (192 MB Burstable ) and 75 GB/mo trafic ( 100mbps port ).
    It was my only option at the moment since i needed my websites ONLINE ASAP and i had already paid for service. However i had considered finding some better offer for a VPS.

    A friend of mine recommended me the virpus VPS . After my BAD EXPERIENCE with byet host I had some doubts about their service since it was really cheap $5.00 USD monthly for 2 IP , 50 GB disk , 512MB RAM ( burtst to 2 GB ) and 1600 GB Transfer on 100 mbps port.

    After almost one year with them i MUST SAY that it wasn`t 100% perfect but they do send notifications BEFORE any planned maintenance downtime ( maintenance downtime never took more then 20 minutes ) .

    I had only 2 problems with my virpus VPS were that

    A. (Fri, Jan 21, 2011) the virpus datacenter was hacked resulting in 19 servers beeing erased and no backup available ( nice atitude from virpus staff , good communication over the downtime ; they offered a 3mo free hosting as compensation or money back for prepaid vps ). i have really supported them on this one. i just hope that this kind of problem won`t repeat . i understand the fact that at 5$/mo they do not have backups and i really appreciate the way they handled the problem ( i am also convinced that 3 mo free was not enough as compensation for most users but i also believe that 3mo of no incoming money + refunds for leaving users was not quite easy for them )

    B.( Wed, Mar 15, 2011 )second, but most non excusable , virpus support responded to a client witch was not able to access his server ( SSH ) by altering MY hosts.allow / hosts.deny settings , reset my root password and provide the other user with login credential to my vps (i guess they made a miss match on VPS IP with user accounts ) . this was resulting in user login to my server end erasing everything ( yes , again i have lost everything since i did not have an updated backup ).
    after some talk with virpus support they admited the mistake and offered me another 3 months free (this time i cannot support them , it was a big mistake -- but we are all humans -- ).

    Anyway , considering the fact that they have really nice way to communicate and the quality of the service is really high for the price asked in return .

    Here are some of my Virpus VPS stats :
    Download with my home computer from the my Virpus VPS with 14.7mbps (from USA located VPS to Eastern Europe home)

    4226 packets transmitted, 4222 received, 0% packet loss, time 4228099ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 132.957/134.255/729.058/9.417 ms


    Length: 592445440 (565M) [application/octet-stream]
    Saving to: `Fedora-15-i686-Live-Desktop.iso'

    100%[=========================>] 592,445,440 4.52M/s in 2m 10s

    2011-06-14 15:37:54 (4.34 MB/s) - `Fedora-15-i686-Live-Desktop.iso' saved [592445440/592445440]

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    you wrote a long story. seems you're impressed by the service.

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    well , it`s almost a year since my problem with byet host .
    they keep remembering me about it by sending "Invoice Overdue Notice" emails
    it`s also some time since i am with virpus and i guess that i had some time with them to make a general impression.. i really hope that i won`t have to change it ( i prefer good impression instead of bad )

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    Think you are very patient to your host. - is my web site.

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    i try to find a cheap service but with good quality
    i guess that being cheap must have it`s disadvantages , so i`m ready to close my eyes from time to time. but if i am ready to close my eyes i really want them to at least admit they make mistakes and apologize for them ( not neccesary offer compensations ).
    virpus have a nice way of reply to support requests and the service they offer is really good ( when they are not hacked )

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    Thumbs up

    in addition to my long post in the beginning of this treat a wish to say that now it`s exactly the same period when i was with byet "unlimited" host. the spik has hit my site again but as a difference from the last year everything in just fine .
    my really cheap VPS from is behaving just fine .

    Today stats for the site today say :
    Day Date Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits
    Friday 8th July 2011 259,722 34,864 26,811 8,053

    Also, this traffic used 122.96 GB of my 1.56 TB @100mbps included for this month.

    The VPS works 100% five , pages are loading fast and i can`t say anything bad about current service.

    I had expected this traffic spike and i was worried that virpus stuff could get mad on me for using too much of the CPU or for using more then my 512M Guaranteed RAM so i have opened a ticket with support BEFORE IT , just to avoid last year experience.
    The fast answered me that as long as there are resources available that i can use it does not matter how much or how long i use them.

    my income from ads this month ( 8 days of the month but only 5 of the spike ) > 1600 so , please consider how much i lost last year because of bye host who suspended my "unlimited " account and did not even bothered to send me and email to inform me.

    It it my first good experience with a hosting provider (maybe because i was expecting too much from a service advertised as "unlimited" and , since this time i`ve made for the first time some good money from my websites i am considering to get a more powerful vps from virpus and keep this one as a backup ( i prefer to have my own RAM instead of saying thanks for others not using it , otherwise there is nothing bothering me at my current VPS configuration ).

    Thank you Virpus! You are now 100% excused for both the A) and B) problems already presented.

    Thank you Virpus!Thank you Virpus!Thank you Virpus!

    Liviu D.

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    finally, the hoster found you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lincxu View Post
    finally, the hoster found you
    i am so glad at the moment so that i put a link on facebook wall ... i guess it was hard to miss

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