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    Some help about choosing a script

    Hello guys,

    I need to build a site, that will have the following features:

    -- WYSIWYG editor for adding articles
    -- attachments to articles, such as images and doc/xls/pdfs

    -- can index the content of at least one type of office files (i.e. xls or ods or both, doc or odt or both).
    -- can search inside articles and the indexed documents preferably with sphinx plugin, but built in search is also ok.

    Basically, what I need is to be able to write an article about "engines" and also upload a pdf/doc containing some engines related stuff and when I use the search, both these will come up.

    it will run on a private server, so almost any software can be installed. I was thinking of wordpress with a very simple theme, but I couldn't find a plugin that can index the uploaded documents or convert them to posts.

    Your help will be immensely appreciated.

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    Your best bet is to look into a CMS - If your looking to save money you should go with a CMS that is already pre-written.

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    Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) may be an option for indexing the sites content (i.e. HTML, docs, pdf, etc). I think there is a module for Drupal which integrates this service.

    Drupal also has a great WYSIWYG module which supports many editors (TinyMCE, FCKeditor, YUI, openWYSIWYG, etc).

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