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    R1 Soft CDP Backups

    Not really sure what forum to put this in, but have put it here as it is backing up my dedicated server...

    Possibly quite a dumb or naive question.

    Assuming no file changes are made on the server, at what point will the backups stop growing in size?

    For example, if you have a daily backup, with a retention of 30 days, will the backup size stop growing after 30 days? I ask because cPanel is constantly changing log files etc etc so surely CDP needs all these previous points to restore from too? Effectively meaning that you would need unlimited storage?

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    After 30 days, the oldest restore point gets deleted. Also, don't forget apache domlogs change every second so even if the site is static, your analytics are always getting updated. Also, it's not like it's taking a full snap shot at every restore point so you don't need "unlimited" disk space.

    BTW, the correct forum might be "Hosting Software and Control Panels"

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    CDP 3.0 lets you exclude things like logs. 2.0 backs everything up. When data is purged from disk safes in 2.0, you must defragment to recover freed space. Consider testing 3.0 in your environment. We've had great luck and provided R1 quite a bit of feedback on their new version.

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