Tier 1/ Tier2 hosting support
Remote live text chat / email / helpdesk / support tickets ( no phone support )

I'm based in Europe/Italy but I can work for you remotely.
I speak and write three languages ( en, it, el ). I can be available any time around the clock. I can also be available 24/7 usually immediately ( after a notification - a simple email would be enough ).

Experience :
Hosting : Cpanel/WHM & Directadmin.
Basic vps/server administration.
Web radios: site design/scripting, related control panels CentovaCast , WHMSonic and online automation services like shoutautomation.
I learn fast so I can adapt to any project or need.

I can be an added value to your company as I'm an experienced php developer with great skills creating designs and themes. I have experience with many php ( like codeigniter ) and javascript frameworks ( like jquery ). I can also work on or create from scratch Wordpress themes or any other cms/blogging system.

I can also translate documents, interfaces, web sites etc.

The ideal for me would be my integration to a project/company where I can use all my skills, provide my help to any sector that allows me evolve and learn. I consider my main advantage my ability to adapt, work hard and fast.

Payments can be made via verified PayPal account or direct bank transfer.
If you are interested in hiring me as support staff or integrate me to your project/company considering all my skills, please contact me: [email protected]