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    Domain Name Checker

    Hi, What is the best way of including a way for users to check what domain names are available? does anyone have any experience in incorporating this into a site?


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    if your using whmcs then use their widgets .

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    WHMCS is good option, you could be a reseller of any company listed under WHMCS and then whmcs will do the rest.

    If you want to use your own code then look for the company which provide API for the same
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    WHMCS is a great way to do this. If you do not already have WHMCS most registrars will provide away to put this in your site if you sign up as a reseller. Some are better than others.

    WHMCS is going to be one of the easiest..

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    how to check available domain is a good website you can used for checking which domain are available

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    I spent a few days to find a good one for my product.. and then I decided to code it myself via PHP, HTML, CSS, AJAX... it looks/works awesome!

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    I use name cheap search box to check domain names. The suggestions given are very helpful. NameTumbler is another good tool which gives you number of great domain name suggestions.

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